Need to send an urgent e-mail but ran out of credit?
MagicTunnel may save your day.
MagicTunnel uses DNS tunneling. The Internet relies on the Domain Name System (DNS) to convert human-understandable addresses like to addresses that the Internet can handle (e.g., Your phone sends DNS queries to a DNS server, which sends in return the corresponding numerical addresses.
  1. Connect your phone to a Wifi hotspot or to a mobile network and start MagicTunnel.
  2. MagicTunnel encapsulates your data (e-mail, web browsing, etc.) into DNS queries that the network provider's computers send to a DNS server that you control. ForDNS tunneling to work, the network provider must not filter DNS queries to external servers.
  3. Your DNS server extracts the encoded data, forwards it to the internet, gets the reply, encapsulates it into a DNS response, and sends the response back to the network provider's server.
  4. Your phone receives the response and extracts the data. Your e-mail is sent!

Android Phone

MagicTunnel wraps Internet traffic into DNS queries

Network Provider

Blocks all communication except DNS queries

DNS Server

Extracts the data from the DNS queries and forwards it to the Internet